Yup, Now The iPhone 7 Is Exploding Too

Apparently, Apple was jealous that Samsung’s detonating Galaxy Note 7 is stealing some of the iPhone 7’s airtime, so it built an exploding smartphone of its own. Behold:


It shows a matte black iPhone 7 Plus that certainly looks like it exploded. Unlike Samsung’s fairly across the board Galaxy Note 7 issue that was because of a battery deformity, but, this iPhone exploded while in travel, as indicated by the telephone’s owner. When he got the iPhone he requested and removed it from the box, this is the thing that he found.


Something happened between the factory and delivery,” is all the phone’s owner had to say in his thread on Reddit. Apple hasn’t commented publicly and neither has UPS, but one or both companies will likely have to investigate the matter when the phone’s owner contacts Apple for a replacement.



Source: Vinescope

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