Young Woman Gets Revenge On Cheating Boyfriend In Most Painful Way Imaginable (WATCH)

A lady who claims she knew her boyfriend was cheating on her “for a long while” got her revenge when she got him with another lady – by tasering him in the crotch (video underneath).

Mandie Pistol discovered that her boyfriend was cheating on her and knew she needed to get revenge.

“He doesn’t know that I found out that he’s been cheating on me for quite some time now,” Pistol said in a YouTube video. “What he doesn’t seem to remember is that he got me this taser for Christmas. F*** him.”

Mandie then gets out of the car with her friend, who follows to film, and storms into her boyfriend’s house, where she finds him laying on the couch with another girl.

“Who the f*** is she?” she yells.

“That’s not my girl. That’s not my girl,” the boyfriend replies.

Then, without hesitation, Mandie walks over to her former boyfriend and tasers him directly in the crotch before the video ends.

See video of the vicious revenge below:


Source: Opposingviews, Daily MailSarah & Mandie/YouTube / Photo Credit: YouTube via Daily Mail

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