The woman’s supposed to get a stomach reduction but what she does instead shocks her doctors


20-year-old Kaitlyn Smith from Portland, Oregon, doesn’t like herself. She is 5’5” and weighs 414 lbs and urgently needs to get in shape. She not just needs to do this for health reasons additionally for her emotional well-being. The doctors urgently encourage her to look for gastric bypass surgery so as to get down to her normal weight.


After a bad experience with a very rude surgeon, Kaitlyn has but little desire to go through with such an operation. Instead, she decides to ask a body coach and nutritionist for help. She is immediately put on a strict diet and is given a tough workout to follow. Without fail, she gets to work and visits the fitness studio six times a week and sticks to her diet outlined by the body coach.


“There was nothing easy about this journey,” explained Kaitlyn. “The hardest part was the mental aspect of it—I was my biggest bully and talked to myself horribly. I had to realize I was worth more, and to work past those negative thoughts,” she continued.

She documents her progress on various social media channels and quickly becomes a small celebrity with 55,000 followers that cheer her on and give her all the support she needs. Not even accidents that occur at the gym can put this girl off her mission.


The workout plan and diet work phenomenally: in just 15 months, she loses an incredible 208 lbs!


The intense training results in quite a bit of excess skin on Kaitlyn’s body, and she is far from happy about it. Not only does the extra skin look unattractive, it can also lead to more serious complications: infections, tearing, smells, irritation, joint pains, pulling, in addition to mental issues.

Now Kaitlyn decides to have surgery, but doesn’t have enough money necessary for the operation. So she starts a fundraising campaign on the internet.

But then something totally unexpected happens: one surgeon, Dr. Michael Salzhauer, reads up on her situation and offers to treat her for free!


Over a period of eight months and over the course of numerous operations, her abdomen and backside are tightened and the excess skin from her arms, chest and back is removed. A total of 30 lbs of skin ends up being cut away from Kaitlyn’s body.


Kaitlyn is finally comfortable with her body and feels good in her own skin. “I am no longer a bitter, envious, depressed teenager. I am a happy, smiley, outgoing girl who loves herself and life.”


You can see how she’s beaming with joy. It’s fascinating, what immense will and perseverance can achieve.

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