This Woman Gives Cancer Patients Henna Crowns So They Don’t Worry About Hair Loss

If you’ve ever been through chemotherapy or know someone that has, you’ll know that it absolutely sucks. And for women especially, hair loss can be one of the worst side effects. That’s why Sarahenna, a henna body art business in Seattle, Washington, is donating their time and expertise to give cancer patients henna crowns if they lose their hair.

The paste is also plant-based, meaning that there’s no danger of the temporary tattoos compromising weakened immune systems.


Sarah Walters, owner of Sarahenna, told K5 Evening that she offers the services because benefiting someone else in a positive way is “a great feeling.” She also believes that the process can be relaxing and meditative, just like a trip to the salon, a break that cancer patients desperately need.


Walter’s stepdad had cancer, only surviving five months, an experience which left her feeling “helpless.” She says that gives her a reason to give away her time and expertise to help others going through the same trials.


Lauren Russel, who’s been going under chemotherapy for years, says that she keeps coming back to get a henna crown because “for a little bit people don’t see that it’s because i’m sick, they see art.”


“It is such a positive memory during a time that can be filled with scary stressful ones,” wrote Chris V., another of Walter’s visitors.

If you or anyone you know would benefit from a henna crown, you can book an appointment here.

Source: Distractify

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