Woman Demands Target Take Action Over Controversial Sweater Being Sold

Department stores are known for carrying a wide variety of products. That is one of the things that keep people shopping at these stores, as they are given options for their purchases. Target is one of the most popular department stores customers like to shop at. However, something they had on their shelves is receiving quite the negative response from their customers.


In recent news, a woman’s post about Target went viral after being offended by one of the sweaters she found being sold by the store. Now, Target faces tons of backlash. They are known for the clothes they put out on their shelves and for their low prices, especially when it comes time for the holidays.

Shopper Reign Murphy posted her offensive find on Twitter, as she stumbled across a Christmas sweater being sold that read ‘OCD, Obsessive Christmas Disorder.’ Reign, who suffers from the mental illness of OCD was not at all pleased when she saw this particular item. In fact, she was quite offended, and took her feelings towards it straight to social media.

In her Twitter post, Reign shared:

“Target, as someone with OCD I’d really appreciate it if you didn’t sell my illness as a fashion statement.”


Upon seeing Reign’s post, many other shoppers complained about the department store giant’s insensitivity to the mental illness as well. Immediately after all of the complaints started increasing, Target apologized for having offended anyone with what the sweater said. However, one spokesperson, Jessica Carlson, advised that although they apologized for offending some of their shoppers, that they had no intention of removing the sweater. In her statement she said:

“We never want to disappoint our guests and we apologize for any discomfort. We currently do not have plans to remove this sweater.”


Unfortunately this is not the first time that Target has upset their customers for items they have sold at their store. There was another circumstance where they received criticism for a woman’s t-shirt they sold that read ‘trophy’ on the front. The complaint according to Fortune magazine read:

“The truth is that millions of women and young girls are taken as ‘trophies’ every year in war, sex trafficking, slavery, and rape. Labeling any person as a ‘trophy’ is demeaning their humanity and objectifying them as a tangible object that can be bought, used, and disposed of.”

Although many customers have been offended by both the sweater and the t-shirt, some customers have voiced their opinions as to how it didn’t bother them at all. Target has stood their ground despite all of the complaints from the public. They admit that while their intentions are never to offend anyone, they will keep selling these items, as other customers have given them positive feedback on their behalf.

Watch this video to see more of the story.

Not everyone in the world is going to agree on everything all of the time. Target is a business and is just trying to sell items they think their customers will appreciate. The stores selling items like this aren’t in the wrong or right just like the people buying or feeling offended aren’t in the wrong or the right either. In the end it just depends on each individual’s perspective on the matter.

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