Woman Causes 10 Car Pileup After Seeing Jesus In Her Kit Kat Candy Bar

#1 Felicity Castro, Was Driving In Heavy Santa Fe, NM Rush Hour Traffic.

Suddenly, she had a powerful sweet craving. She saw a Kit Kat bar on the seat next to her that she did not remember seeing before. She opened the wrapper and took bite. Then she noticed a face peeking out at her from the chocolate and wafers, and it belonged to Jesus!


#2 Castro Closed Her Eyes To Pray, And Let Jesus Take The Wheel From Her.

Moments later, her car crashed into another at 90 miles per hour. Several other cars nearby lost control in the accident, causing a 10-car pileup. One car even ended up suspended from a power line.


#3 Castro Said The Accident Was “Jesus’s Work.”

“It all happened so quickly. I mean there was Jesus in my candy bar, and then BAM! I hit the car in front of me and he hit the car in front of him, and it was like Jesus was giving us a sign,” said Castro. “I never saw anything like it before. That’s Jesus’s work right there. That car was hanging upside down.”


#4 Emergency Crews Treated Several People On The Scene For Minor Injuries

But two were in poor shape. The woman suspended from the power lines was having a panic attack for the three hours she trapped. She was later taken to an ER.


#5 The Man Driving In Front Of Her Was Badly Injured, But Castro Was Not

Castro thinks she knows why it happened this way: “Jesus saved me,” said Carlos. “It was because I was praying that I was not hurt. Too bad for the guy in front of me. If he had been praying too, things probably wouldn’t have been so bad for him. But obviously, he was not praying. If he had Jesus in his life he wouldn’t have been hurt. He should use his time more wisely.”

Castro said she will visit him in the hospital to “bring him some Jesus.”


#6 Police Are Holding Her, Not Jesus, Accountable For The Crash

Castro was arrested for driving without insurance or a license, speeding, and negligent driving.

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