Woman Arrested For Dropping A Hot Sh*t On Boss’ Desk After Winning Lottery

#1 Lotto Winner!

A 41-year-old won the lotto for $3 million on Friday, and immediately began to plan her job exit…but she wanted to go out with a BANG!

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#2 A Stinky Surprise

“I slowly opened the door to discover the woman with her pants around her ankles, hunched over on my desk like a hippo/chettah dropping a massive poo on my desk, the woman’s boss recalled. “She shot her head towards me and locked eyes. I was frozen in shock and fear. In my peripheral vision I saw a huge mud=masked monkey sliming out of her butt like a play-doh factory.”

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#3 Worth It?

“It was worth it. On Friday when I realized I hit the lotto, I knew this would be the first thing I would do,” the woman admitted. I hit up every Mexican food truck and saved my dumps all weekend. I was shuffling around like a death-row inmate trying not to explode. I’ve been putting up with that guy’s shit for years, it’s time he put up with some of mine.”

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#4 A Pricey Poop

We can’t imagine the amount of fines she’s going to be charged with, seeing as she’s a new found millionaire. Let’s hope that poop was worth every penny!

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Source: likesabcnews.go.com

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