You Will Fall In Love With This Bat Squeaking With Joy As He Gets Tickled

Help me, I’m in love with a bat. His name is Jeddah, and he is a juvenile who is in the care of a licensed bat caretaker. I just found out that is a thing and is this what it feels like when you realize what you’re meant to do with the rest of your life?

Jeddah can’t be released into the wild due to injuries, but he seems perfectly happy with the current arrangement of nuzzling against his personal masseuse, Mandi Griffith of Sydney Wildlife. The video was posted by YouTuber Megabattie who pretty much posts exactly what it sounds like, and who is a flying fox carer and rescuer. About this video, they wrote:

I usually clip my videos quite short when it’s all one behaviour being shown, but this bliss went on and on and I just couldn’t bring myself to deprive you of any of the lengthy joy. I particularly loved the yawny and sniffy bits about half way through. And I love the curl of the tongue as he yawns.

Very grateful for this extended clip.

There are people in the comments insisting that little Jeddah is actually terrified, to which i say, have you ever petted an animal before? If they don’t want to be snuggled they make it KNOWN. Megabattie also takes umbrage with that accusation, and edited to add:

This bat was not releasable due to injuries. He is in care with a vaccinated and licensed bat carer.
He is used to being handled. He actively solicits attention and cuddles.
There have been suggestions that this bat is terrified and the squeaks are not cute. This bat is in bliss and is able to get away from the carer at any time. He is choosing to be stroked. He solicits attention.

Yes! Let us enjoy this, Internet. The video does come with a very important warning which I feel obligated to share here, for you and also for me (who is ready to run out and grab the first bat she sees):


Even if they’re insanely cute?!

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