[WATCH] Woman Performs Oral Sex on 2 Year Old Boy Sends Video to Dirty Cop

A woman Leigh Marcini, on instructions by a NY cop she met on a dating site, performed oral sex on a two year old boy and sent the policeman, Sgt. Alberto Randazzo, of the NYPD.  Marcini was one of three women, Randazzo had doing his bidding.

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Police says Marcini sent him pictures of herself naked and a video of her performing oral sex on a two-year-old boy in her care.

It is unclear how she knew the boy, but Marcini was a speech language therapist who worked with children,ABC27 reported.

Randazzo faces 30 years in prison after pleading guilty to the sexual exploitation of children.

Two other women have ensnared in his sick plot.

Keira Norton, of Colorado, has peaded guilty to molesting a toddler while Randazzo watched on Skype.

And a woman in Massachusetts, Jennie Lemay, will go on trial on similar charges in December.

Source: Dailyheadlines

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