Watch What This Green Bird Says When His Blue Parakeet Brother Approaches Him

Have you ever wondered if certain animals recognize their family members?

Elephants, for example, are incredibly family-oriented. They stick together through thick and thin, and even mourn the deaths of their family members and friends. There’s no doubt that these creatures love and care for each other very much.

Dogs, too, recognize their family members. When adopted by different families and reunited after years of being apart, puppy brothers and sisters will wag their tails and give each other kisses upon seeing each other. It’s really quite a sight to see.

These two parakeets, Fabio and Gabriel, are blood brothers. They were born one year apart, but they’re basically inseparable. Much like elephants, there is no doubt that these two beautiful birdies know that they’re brothers.

It’s always nice to keep two animals as pets instead of just one so that they have someone to cuddle with and a partner to play with. But it’s even sweeter to keep two siblings together, as the bond that they share is all the stronger.

These two birds have a very special way of saying hello to each other — I’ve never seen anything like this before! When the blue brother approaches his green pal, something truly incredible comes out of his bright red beak. I had to watch this twice to believe it!

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