WATCH: New Study Says E-Cigs Are Causing ‘Popcorn Lung’ and Making People Incurably Sick

It seems we keep hearing bad things about e-cigs after many believed they are the safer alternative to smoking cigarettes. Not only have there been a number of explosions and reported cases of people slipping into comas, now comes even more bad news from the scientific community.

According to a new study at the Harvard School of Health, 75 percent of flavored e-cigarettes and refill liquids contain the chemical diacetyl — a chemical that causes an incurable disease known as “Popcorn Lung.”

Popcorn Lung disease, also known as bronchiolitis obliterans, causes scarring in the air sacs of the lungs. Destroying the sacs, smokers begin excessively coughing and experience shortness of breath, much like people who suffer from emphysema.

The term “Popcorn Lung” first came into use in 2004 after several employees at a Missouri popcorn factory developed the disease due to the high content of diacetyl in the artificial butter flavoring. Diacetyl is also found in fruit and alcohol flavorings used in e-cigarettes.

What’s most worrisome, and has been for some time, is that children are drawn to the candy flavors in e-cigs. As you can imagine, the destructive impact of diacetyl is most dangerous for undeveloped lungs in young children.

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