Watch What This Dog “Says” When None Of Her Humans Want To Play With Her. Hilarious!

In general, dogs are very playful and active animals. Being able to have fun with their owner is something that they look forward to each day. But if their owner is too busy or lazy for playtime, it could upset them and they are not afraid to express it.

In this next video, we would like you to meet Lexi the boxer. According to her owner Joseph Bourne, Lexi loves to play. And everytime she doesn’t get the attention she wants, she would whine about it.

She rests her head on the sofa, looks Joseph in the eye, and starts making a sound that is just hilarious.

At first, you may think the sound is coming from Joseph, who is lying on the sofa. But Lexi really is the one making the sound.

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Check it out below!


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