He Walked Into The Police Station And Interrupted Officers. When They Looked Up? OMG!

Gorgi is a police dog, but he’s far from your average anything. Last year Gorgi showed up outside a police command center in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. He was very obviously malnourished and showed signs of having been abused.


Despite that, Gorgi was one of the friendliest pups that any of the officers had ever seen. They fed the little guy and gave him some water. He hung around the station for a while after eating before leaving.


However, that was the end of Gorgi.


He was back at the station the very next day. The officers began to really grow attached to the dog, so they pooled their money, got him a checkup at the vet, and adopted him as a station.


Gorgi was incredibly happy to be with these people that he’d taken such a liking too, and love blossomed quickly.


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