Vets Thought This Tiny Rejected Kitten Wouldn’t Make It. 7 Weeks Later? I’m All Tears

Debbie turned her upside down and massaged her chest. Debbie remembered that the bubbling down her nose was because she had milk in her lungs.


Debbie cried as she rubbed the cat and told her to live. She did! It wasn’t easy, Debbie fed the kitten every two hours for the first two weeks.


The kitten got an eye infection and had worms. After clearing up those issues, the kitten started to gain weight.


She now plays, washes herself, purrs, and explores the house! We see she is much bigger than that lighter now! Debbie named the kitten Freyja, Norse goddess of Love, Beauty, Fertility and Gold.


Debbie wanted her to have a majestic name because she was so strong and brave! Freya is one beautiful girl with a happy future ahead! Share away, people!

[h/t LoveMeow]

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