Vets Thought This Tiny Rejected Kitten Wouldn’t Make It. 7 Weeks Later? I’m All Tears

Debbie Timmis answered a Facebook message about a premature kitten. The message said that a mother cat had rejected a newborn female and that the owners needed help with the kitten.


The owners of the female cat noticed a ‘damp patch’ on the couch and soon realized it was a tiny kitten! The mother cat was very stressed and didn’t allow the baby to feed.


The tiny cat was only 60 grams when she came to Debbie, she was the size of a lighter, and had almost no fur.


The tiny cat had bubbled milk down her nostrils and Debbie was told that the tiny fur baby would not survive. An hour later the kitten went limp, she struggled to breathe, her legs turned purple, and her tongue was white.


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