Two Sisters Seem Shy At First, But When They Harmonize, The Crowd Goes Bananas

Lennon and Maisy Stella may be youngsters, but these sisters possess the talent and poise of seasoned professionals. 13 and 9 years old, respectively, during this performance, the gifted girls sing a cover of the Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” at the Grand Ol Opry in Nashville, Tenn. and do the American singer/songwriter’s legacy proud. The video, which was uploaded on June 24, 2013, has nearly 3 million views – an indicator of just how deeply the sisters’ harmonies strike a chord with viewers.

However, according to their website, Lennon and Maisy first started turning heads when a video of them covering Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend” went viral in 2012 (it now has nearly 27 million YouTube views). Now 16 and 11, the girls have also gone on to earn starring roles on the hit TV show, “Nashville,” a city they now call home in real life as well. Their website also describes their other successes, including the 2015 release of a children’s book, “In The Waves,” and ample success touring the world (including the White House).

However, the Stella sisters’ prodigious talent isn’t altogether shocking. Born to musician parents in Ontario, Canada, Lennon tells Biography that she had a guitar in her hands by the time she was 5 years old and the focus in their home was always on music rather than TV or technology. And despite working so closely, Lennon and Maisy truly enjoy their time together. Maisy tells Biography that, “A lot of my friends really hate their older brothers and sisters, but I actually do like mine,” adding, “after work and school is over, we’ll usually go and hang out with our own friends and stuff, just to get away from each other for a little bit, but it’s totally a love thing we have.”

While Lennon and Maisy are now household names given their viral success and high-profile acting careers, it’s stripped-down, acoustic performances like this one that really showcase the duo’s raw, unfiltered star power. And the loving glances they exchange onstage demonstrate just how tightly music seals their sisterly bond.

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