The Truth Behind These 6 Magic Tricks Will Leave You Surprised

When you’re a child, every magic trick seems real. You sit in amazement as your grandpa steals your nose or someone pulls a rabbit out of a hat. As children, we didn’t even question how these tricks are done, we just believed them. When you grow up, the magic tricks get even more elaborate to satisfy our slightly more skeptical brains. Magicians like David Copperfield and David Blaine mystify us with elaborate Las Vegas stage shows and tricks that involve levitating people or making the Statue of Liberty disappear.

I’m sorry to say that magicians are masters of illusion. They are experts at tricking the human psyche into believing completely preposterous violations of basic physics. At some point, magicians started exposing their secrets because most of these famous tricks have a perfectly reasonable explanation. Check out this list of 6 magic tricks that have been explained.

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1. The person-slicing magic trick is a classic. 

This trick starts with a woman (usually) climbing into a coffin-type box. After some elaborate dialogue on the part of the magician, he simply appears to cut her in half.


Believe it or not, there are actually two different people other than the magician incorporated into this trick. 

In most cases, the chamber that they sit in is deeper than the apparent table from the outside, allowing for extra room. Sometimes the magician asks the assistant to wiggle their feet after the cutting has already taken place. This set up allows for the other assistant to wiggle their feet for believability.


2. You’ve probably seen this trick at some point on the street. It appears as if this man is levitating, with nothing but a post nearby.

Think about it: Why would he need that post if he were truly levitating? These onlookers appear quite convinced.


A hidden platform held up by a very strong post is the secret to this magic trick.

As magicians know very well, people can be easily distracted. Instead of caring about the post that the man is resting his hand on, they only really care about the fact that the man is levitating.


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