Anxious People Make The Best Partners, Friends, And Colleagues

Contrary to what you might think, anxious people are better people to be around. Their state of anticipation combined with fear propels them to take action in ways that benefit other people around them. Not sure you agree? Read on. Here are a few reasons why anxious people make the best partners, friends, and colleagues.

As a friend, they can save your life.


Nervous people have a way of anticipating danger because they’re always on guard. They may see you’re on the way to making a critical mistake that you might overlook. Also, studies show that worriers fear they’re terrible friends so they try and overcompensate for it. This makes them go above and beyond in a friendship, always trying to prove to themselves that they’re a good buddy.

As a leader, they set, reach, and surpass goals.


Anxious people are well-equipped for being good leaders due to their vigilant scanning of their surroundings for threats. A person who gets jittery easily looks for ways that things might go terribly wrong and finds ways to prevent that from happening. They pay close attention to social signals and how other people are feeling. This means that they’re naturally capable of setting, reaching, and surpassing goals.

As a colleague, they accomplish a lot.


An anxious person has all the makings of being a great colleague due to their ability to focus their attention on tasks. The right amount of anxiety in a work environment elevates a persons physiological arousal which enables them to focus on tasks. The end result is the ability to deliver at peak performance.

As a partner, they’re sensitive to your needs.


Anxious people go above and beyond for their partners. They always want to be the best that they can be. In their minds, they constantly fret about how they’re measuring up as a partner so they don’t take anyone for granted. This makes them sensitive, emotionally intelligent, and caring. An anxious person picks their partner wisely, seeking out someone who gives them comfort and makes them feel safe. If you’re with an anxious person, they have made a choice to be with you because you’re special to them.

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