Tiny Kittens Put Through Horrible Abuse, But Watch How Happy They Are After A Loving Bath.

Bradford Cat Watch Rescue is a kitten rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing organization across the West Yorkshire region. According to their website, B.C.W.R. “is run entirely by volunteers who work tirelessly saving the lives of over 400 cats and kittens every year.”

The rescuers see all sorts of abuse and neglect and try to save as many cats as they possibly can. When they got a call about two kittens covered in permanent ink, however, it was a first. Katie Jane Lloyd, their spokes person told SWNS,

”Here at BCWR Kittens, we often consider ourselves to be unshockable, we have dealt with most situations but this is a first. This is a dreadful act of cruelty and who knows what untelling damage this may have caused.”


The two kittens, thought to be between four and five weeks old, were colored by blue and green ink on the white part of their fur. It’s thought that they were being used as part of a blood sport involving dogs – a very cruel and inhumane act.


Lloyd said when the kittens arrived at the Centre they were shell-shocked, lethargic and had breathing difficulties.

But as soon as BCWR stepped in, they began making immediate efforts to help the innocent kittens. “Smurf” and “Shrek,” named so because of their colors, have since had several baths trying to get off the ink.


“On the body we can give it a good clean, without doing too much damage,” Lloyd told the Telegraph and Argus newspaper. “But we have to be a bit more careful around the face area – around the ears, eyes, nose and mouth.”

According to an estimate by the Centre, rescuing these two kittens will probably total a $5,800 vet bill this month alone.


They are doing the best they can to save these sweet cats, and have already improved their lives. Thanks so much to the people who care an enormous amount for these sweet animals. Share Smurf and Shrek’s story today!


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