Tiny Kitten Confuses Dog And It Becomes Too Hilarious! (WATCH)

So this dog was only doggying around, you know, such as disapproving of his own dog business when all of a sudden his cat friend did the most comical thing ever! The kitten got stuck to the dog’s back, she hitched a ride and now the dog is just too confused! He knows the little cat is around, but he doesn’t know “exactly” where the kitten was! He detected that she was around him, since he could feel it, but he was just too confused!

I’m accepting that is mother cat then again viewing the entire appear, feeling glad for her little cat, ability to confuse the dog, perhaps! The little cat, who’s not surrendering, can hardly wait for the dog to begin walking so she can appreciate free rides! But the dog? No he wanted the kitten off of him! Where ever she was!

Take a look at this super hilarious video below!

Hilarious isn’t it? My, that mommy cat sure did a heck of a job training her kitten! Don’t forget to share this post with your friends!


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