This Rescued Weasel Is Doing Everything He Can To Distract His Owner. 0:51 Made Me Laugh Out Loud

Cats are notorious for distracting their owners. If you’ve ever looked at a list of adorable cat pictures, you’ve probably seen the phrase, “If I fits, I sits,” which perfectly sums up a cat’s philosophy when it comes to personal space. Cats don’t care what you’re up to – they’ll lounge to their heart’s content, even if it means blocking a computer screen or knocking a book out of your hand.

It turns out that cats aren’t the worst offenders when it comes to distraction, however. That’s right, a recent video of a rambunctious rescue weasel named Ozzy shows him distracting his owner who’s trying to work on the computer. You might recognize Ozzy from this video, where he did a “war dance” around his new favorite toy. Despite their small stature, weasels are powerful predators, but instead of preying on rabbits or other critters, Ozzy prefers to prey on his owner’s productivity. Using his charming eyes and ferocious nibble, Ozzy makes sure his owner can’t operate the mouse no matter how hard he tries.

We may not have a weasel living in our house, but videos of Ozzy are just as distracting as the real thing. Want even more weasel distractions? Check out this video of a white weasel hiding in a tree trunk. Still in need of a distraction? Listen to how noisy a group of little weasels can be. It won’t be long before we’re seeing lists of the “25 Most Distracting Weasels Ever.”


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