This Pup’s Little Human Tries To Climb Into The Doggy Bed. Now Watch How The Dog Does!

Family dogs are often very sweet and adorable when they’re around children. Some act similar to the kids, while others are almost like a parent figure and keep a close watch over the youngsters in their charge.

One couples cherished Rhodesian Ridgeback, named Lea, happens to be a mother figure to their young son Alfred. The beautiful dog can be seen here selflessly helping him get into her bed. Lea first pulls away her blanket to make room for Alfred before going back to sit beside him. She gently places her paws up on the edge of the low slung bed and seems to be encouraging him to climb over the side and up into it. All the while she patiently waits and looks on, like an adoring mother, it’s so darn cute!

This beautiful clip perfectly captures the simple joys of an innocent moment. Lea and Alfred will no doubt go on to share many of these scenes. The two clearly share a relationship filled with love and affection for one another, they are family!

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