This Inspirational Girl Is TEARING Down Walls As She Takes The Modelling World By Storm

Disabilities are not the be all and end all.

And they should definitely not stop young girls from chasing their dreams. Madeline Stuart is not your average model, she was born with Down syndrome, but she is breaking down barriers as the gorgeous new face of a new fashion brand.


18 yr-old model Madeline Stuart shows off new accessories from everMaya.

everMaya is a new accessories brand whose bright-coloured bags are bags are made from Guatemalan textiles.

Co-founder of the brand Damian Graybelle said,

“Madeline has external beauty — Down syndrome or not, but secondly, she captures inner beauty, which is something the everMaya brand is all about.”


“You have a young girl who wants to become a model, and instead of her mom dismissing this as a teenage fantasy, they hire a personal trainer, she loses 50 pounds,” he said. “She is so inspiring and she epitomizes all those ideals about what real beauty is, not superficial beauty, real beauty that is more than skin-deep. The fact that she happens to be gorgeous is just a plus.”

Her mother has been open about Madz struggle to lose weight. But her dedication has lead to her success in an industry where models with disabilities are not common.

 “For years Madeline has fought against the struggles, both internal and external, that go along with Down syndrome,” “Through dance, swimming and cheerleading, she has worked to strengthen her heart and body. And through her modeling career, she has forced many to reconsider the conventional standards of beauty.”


EverMaya isn’t the only company to take note of the her effect— she was also recently hired to model for Manifesta, a women’s sportswear brand. And we think that her exposure is promoting acceptance and inclusion and we love it.

Madeline Stuart models one of everMaya’s bucket bags.

Hopefully it will encourage society to view people with disabilities in a more positive light.

The co-founder also added that:

“The comment I’ve received more than anything is that this is long, long overdue,” he said. “If that’s the case, then I wish we could have done it sooner. We’re a new brand, but we’re here, and we’re going to lead the charge. And it starts with Madeline.”

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