This House Looks Too Small For A Woman And Her Dog, Then I Saw The Closet. This Is CRAZY!

When Elaine discovered tiny homes back in the ’90s, she was instantly hooked. So, she sold her house, headed west to find a plot of land in California, and hasn’t looked back since. Since May of 2014, a young woman named Emily has been residing in one of Elaine’s tiny houses — a 117-square-foot Tumbleweed “Elm 18 Outlook,” formerly known as the “Lusby” model, which is parked in Orlando, right outside of Disney World.

At first glance, Elizabeth’s house looks way too small to handle normal, everyday life. But once opens the door, I was surprised by how she’s able to use her organizational skills to fill it with so many belongings — without it feeling cramped. She brilliantly turned the bedroom into a full-scale walk-in closet… and this closet is bigger than my own! dog, Daisy. Finally, she pans over to the home’s immaculate view of the shimmering lake with plenty of lush green grass on which her dog, Daisy, can run and play. Not a bad life, if you ask me.

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