This Flight Attendant Saw A Man Struggling To Feed Himself, So She Knelt Down And Fed Him

Airline passengers on a flight from Zhengzhou to Hainan in South China were moved to tears when they noticed one of the flight attendants feeding a man with disabilities.


Fan Xuesong knelt down and fed the 71-year-old, who suffered from a stroke two years ago and is unable to grip utensils to eat.

“When I started to feed him dinner, the old man suddenly began to cry,” Fan told reporters.


Fan initially fed him rice but when he had trouble swallowing, she grabbed a box of noodles for him instead. This made the man cry even more, so she had to grab tissues to wipe his tears away.


A passenger who saw the event unfold took these photos and uploaded them to Weibo – Chinese social media similar to Twitter – where it was shared by millions who also felt touched by the story.


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