This Baby Only Eats Green Beans For Daddy. When Mom Found Out Why, She Couldn’t Stop Laughing

Every parent knows the nightmare that is a fussy baby. Maybe they’re really hard to put to sleep, or maybe they’re always getting in your way. A very common problem that most parents (including my sister, most recently) have encountered with their babies is the issue of not eating. While some babies might refuse to eat anything outright, amounting to what is essentially the world’s most adorable hunger strike, most babies just have certain foods that they refuse to eat, regardless of how nutritious they might be.

That’s the problem that YouTuber Charles Only’s wife found herself having when her baby didn’t want to eat his green beans. Miraculously, Charles doesn’t have this problem. Whenever it’s his turn to feed their son, the kid happily eats his beans, so Mom decided to record them to find out Charles’ secret. The magic technique? Singing a silly song about eating beans, sung to the tune of Bill Withers’ classic, “Lean On Me.”

Clearly, his method works like a charm because the baby seems like he’s never been happier to eat his veggies. Getting kids to eat vegetables is always an uphill battle because vegetables don’t have the sweetness that kids crave, but this kind of musical accompaniment seems to make them infinitely more palatable. Well done, Charles – you’ve got your entry for “Dad of the Year” in early, and your son may actually grow up liking his greens because of you. Hats off to you!


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