This Australian TV Host Has A Message About ISIS That EVERYONE Needs To Hear

The whole world is still in shock following the terrible attacks in Paris on Friday evening. You could be forgiven for thinking that ISIS seem to be stronger than ever after their recent series of attacks. This Australian news reporter would beg to disagree.

In his broadcast on an Australian talk show called The Project, presenter Waleed Aly left the audience speechless after his powerful message.


In the shows first episode since the attacks in Paris, the host starts by discussing how ISIS could appear to be stronger than it actually is. He goes onto describe how they are taking credit for any act of terrorism on Western soil.

He backs up the message by referring to the ISIS monthly magazine Dabi which actually encourages its supporters to take credit for any terrorist attack so they don’t just appear to be “random killings”.

The clip is rapidly going viral all over the internet after being shared on Facebook where it has gathered more than 210,000 likes and more than 260,000 shares.

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