They Were Running Out Of Room In Their House. Then Her Husband Comes Up With THIS Brilliant Idea…

A few years ago a loving couple purchased a two-bedroom townhouse. But they have a big problem. Now they’re family is expanding and they just didn’t have enough room for everyone the way things are.

Because their kids were getting older and needed more space, the house just started to feel very small. But they didn’t want a new house, so this couple decided to think outside the box. See what they decided to create below!

When they surveyed their home with new eyes, the realized that the foyer near the staircase was wasting a lot of space.

That’s when they planned to create a loft for their growing children and that would also accommodate a home office.

After dreaming big, they started by laying the new foundation. They built the base that would be strong enough to hold the weight of the children and all of their toys.

When the base was installed, flooring was put in next.

When that was done, they installed railings to make sure it was safe for their kids. Next came all the furniture. Once that was put in, the space really came alive!




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