They Thought Their Dog Was Up To No Good When They Left. So They Hid A Camera, And Caught THIS

“OK I think they are gone!?  Let me just check before fun time begins”, is what Suzy the Beagle seemed to be saying to herself.  Here is the dog version of “Home Alone” that is hilarious to watch.  Her human family set up a camera to film Suzy when they were gone; they must have had a suspicion about her clever activities.

The Christmas tree has been trimmed with all kinds of attractive ornaments.  We see Suzy go to the living room window to check out if she says anyone outside…”Hmmm no-one there.”  She then bounds up to what looks like the island part of a counter, gets up on her hind quarters to see if there is anyone lurking in that direction…”Nope, looks like the coast is clear!”

Suzy has clearly had a plan in mind.  She goes over to the Christmas tree and nabs a low lying bell-like ornament.  Her excitement and antics as she flies around the room chasing the ornament is just pure simple joy.  If only we all could get such pleasure out of such boundless play.  Then, in all her excitement…”Huh? Where’d it go?”  Watch how she reacts, in the following video that captures her escapades!  Her family must have had a good laugh when they watched this footage of their mischievous girl!

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