These Helpless Dogs Are Left Stranded, Now Watch Who Comes For Their Rescue. WHOA!!

We have seen many videos of owners training their dogs to do various tricks. But then there are certain dogs that have been bred for various other reasons depending on their lineage. The armed forces employ German Shepherds to track and detect. But you will be very impressed by the talent these dogs display when faced with danger.

Jukebox bullet is an original mountain cur that is bred for squirrel tracking. He along with his sibling Rusty Sierra, a hound seems to be in trouble as they are stuck in a canoe. When all seems lost, their other sibling Robbie appears and saves them! Their owner Deborah McAllister Faddis says these dogs are well trained and were not in danger at any point. But it does nothing to diminish the amazing nature of the rescue and the training these dogs received.
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