Whether you’re “on your feet all day” or have a sitting job, your feet are supremely important to your success at the gym and in everyday mobility. Ballerinas know the importance of strong, limber feet, but the rest of us? We usually assume there aren’t any exercises for feet, or we forget about them altogether. After trying these exercises, you may find that your feet really are connected to every other part of your body and their health contributes to posture, balance and more.

Toe Presses

Who said the health of your stompers should be serious? It needn’t be, so loosen up and try this move — it actually feels great. Stand up on your toes with your knees slightly bent. Move your legs to force your toes to carry you in different positions. This girl is doing it right. 


Squidward Nailing The Crap Out Of Toe Walking

This is a great exercise, no matter how many feet you have. Stand on your tippy-toes once more. You want to imagine you are on the trashiest, sleaziest, “stripper chic” heels you can fathom. Now, walk for 20 seconds (unlike wearing heels, you can always catch yourself before you fall).

Ankle Circles (Not Squares, Not Triangles, Not Hexagons, CIRCLES)

These are great for the flexibility and overall mobility of your ankle and, ultimately, of your whole lower body.


The Only Relevance This Has Is That You Need A Pencil To Do Pencil Pickups. Otherwise, It’s Super Creepy.

Pencil pickups help you strengthen your feet, but they also work the muscles you need for toe “dexterity.” These stabilizing /supporting muscles need love too. Try picking up a pencil with your toes. It’s that simple, and hopefully — just hopefully — your pencil doesn’t become whatever the hell this is.


Arch Rolls (No, They Are Not A Delicious Baked Good Of Any Kind)

If you haven’t felt the glory of this exercise, you haven’t lived. This is the greatest use for a tennis ball (fetch with Fido is a close second). Simply roll your feet over the ball and feel the stretch.

Head To Toe, Your Feet Are Connected To It All

Different parts of your feet correspond to different parts of your body. This is why foot massages for babies are so important. The more you know!