There’s A Spot On Your Palm For Each Body Part—Touch It When You Experience Pain!

Many patients suffering from digestive issues, chronic pain and other ailments turn to alternative therapies for a solution that traditional medicine is unable to provide.

Holistic healers often recommend reflexology, a practice that teaches that every part of the body has a corresponding pressure point in the hand.

By massaging the right area, you could find relief from chronic conditions and temporary ailments.

Reflexology was recently feature on the Dr. Oz show, where his guest led the audience through a variety of exercises.

Massaging the large pad below the thumb with a golf ball several times a day may relieve gastrointestinal problems.

The thumbnail of one thumb can be rubbed along the center of the other to treat insomnia and other sleeping problems.

Congestion can be cleared with a special thumb walking technique, squeezing gently from the base of each finger to the tip.

Reflexologists claim that their techniques can relieve pain, spark the libido and treat everything from constipation to asthma.

Readers who are interested in reflexology can schedule an appointment with a reflexologist, or consult a reflexology chart to learn which part of the hand might hold the key to better health.


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