There’s An 11-Year-Old In This Girl’s College Class And The Internet Loves Him

On the off chance that you’ve made it to school, the odds are that your life is going truly well. So envision the thrashing that accompanies taking a seat for an address and seeing that there’s a 11-year-old sitting before you noting every one of the inquiries. Cigdem Kahyaoglu, 19, is a second year maths and pre-med understudy at the University of Toledo, Ohio. This is one of the general population in her class…

It turns out that Daniel Liu, 11, is a secondary school understudy who takes some school classes. He even grabbed a $10,000 grant at the White House Science Fair in April.

And he’s met Bill Nye, because of course.

He’s 11, just as a reminder.

Unsurprisingly, Daniel has become pretty popular with the UoT students.

Don’t worry, everyone else is reevaluating their life right now too.

Daniel doesn’t have Twitter, because again, he’s 11. But Kahyaoglu plans on letting him know about his social media fame next time they both have a class together.

Although he already knows it.

Hopefully when he’s 13 and working on his doctorate his mom will let him make a Twitter account. Here’s a local news interview he had at 10 years old if you don’t quite understand how smart this kid is.

Source: Distractify

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