Stunning Doctors Team Up To Deliver Mom’s High-Risk Twins

Note: This video contains footage of a live birth, which may be disturbing for some viewers.

Expecting twins, Jasmine’s life changed dramatically when an extremely rare type of pregnancy threatened her babies. Jasmine’s baby girls were in the same sac with entangled cords. At one point, Baby B even had the cord wrapped around her neck as the fetuses grew.

After 12 weeks under the watchful eyes in Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women & Newborn’s Perinatal Special Care Unit in San Diego, Dr. Lorraine Stanco and Dr. Philip Diamond decided it was time to deliver Jasmine’s babies via a scheduled C-section. “One or both babies dying can happen very quickly in this circumstance,” said Dr. Diamond. Thankfully, the delivery was a success!

During the C-section, doctors saw the entwined umbilical cords and took a moment to snap a photo, which they showed to Jasmine once the babies were delivered. “It’s amazing how tangled the cords were,” one of the doctors says. The girls had survived complete entanglement, and Jasmine delivered them just in time.

In the end, the nurse carefully placed Jasmine’s twins against her skin. The miracle sisters were able to see each other out in the world for the very first time — and they even hold hands. This medical team did suchan amazing job.

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