She Stumbled Upon A Man At The Parking Lot. Minutes Later? I Never Expected THIS!

Morgan Wheeler is a 21-year-old woman from West Virginia. One day, as she was about to leave the parking lot after shopping at Walmart, she saw an elderly man in a wheelchair passing by.

When she noticed that he was missing his right leg, Morgan got out of her car and approached him. She explained to him that she wanted to help him with his shopping.

At first, the elderly man refused. But Morgan insisted and proceeded to walk into the store with him. After telling the man a lot about herself, she began asking him to share some of his stories. He told her that he is a veteran and he recently lost his wife.

Knowing how much pain the veteran must have gone through in life, Morgan immediately changed the subject and asked him about his shopping list. What the man told her next is just heartbreaking.

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