Stranger Comes to Fix Bride’s Dress—Then the Photographer Realizes Who He Really Is

The bride’s zipper broke right before the wedding, so the bridesmaids hurried to the neighbor’s to get help—but none of them could have expected this…


Jo was getting all prepared for the huge day when a dress debacle threw the bridal party into crisis mode. Her zipper was broken, and nobody was able to fix it. The bridesmaids kept their cool however understood that they required some serious help if they were going to get Jo down the aisle with a dress that wasn’t falling down with each step toward the groom.

The girls ran over to the neighbor’s house to see if they could borrow some tools, but they never could have predicted what happened next. In awe of the sequence of events that followed, the wedding photographer (Lindsay Coulter Photography) documented the story in a viral Facebook post that is now inspiring people around the world:

Yesterday Jo & Earl were married but before their beautiful wedding another incredible situation occurred.

Jo’s bridesmaids were helping her in to her gown when the zipper broke. The girls were all surprisingly calm but weren’t having much luck fixing the zipper. The neighbour living next door to the house they had rented for the wedding had his garage door open when I pulled up so I suggested they run over and ask if he had pliers. One of the bridesmaids quickly went over and spoke with their neighbour.She came back with a handful of tools and some interesting information: the next door neighbour was hosting a family of Syrian refugees and the father was a master tailor and would be happy to help if we weren’t successful. After a few minutes of further attempts there was a knock on the door and the neighbour along with the tailor & his son arrived to help, sewing kit in tow.

I went out to take some photos of the groomsmen and came back to find the tailor putting the finishing stitches on her dress. The neighbour David told me they had just moved to Canada four days ago. They didn’t speak a word of english, and had been communicating by using Google Translate. The young boy looked at his Dad, the girls around him, at my camera and back to his Dad about a hundred times. He was curious and in seemingly good spirits. I couldn’t help but stand back in awe of the situation. Every weekend I take photos of people on the happiest days of their lives, and today one man who has seen some of the worst things our world has to offer came to the rescue.I am so proud to live in Canada, a country who has opened our doors to refugees countless times. I’m in awe of the families who have welcomed these strangers in to their homes and lives, and I’m inspired by the resilience of the Syrian people. We are truly blessed.


Source: Faithit

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