Step inside this stunning tiny cottage: The kitchen island isn’t even the best part

Behold the Townsend cottage by Wildwood Lakefront Cottages.
What’s not to love about a park model home? You get the option of mobility (without a permit!) paired with the features of a permanent home.
The Townsend is most definitely not an ordinary park model home; it offers luxury in a very small size.
From the exterior, the deck immediately stands out from other tiny homes you may have seen. The design makes the space very versatile, especially for those who want to easily move from the “indoor” to “outdoor” living.
The living room features a fireplace, TV stand, and built-in shelves. There’s even an alcove for reading near the windows. 
The kitchen features a kitchen island, making it the perfect place to have breakfast or prepare meals.
The dining room can seat more guests and also has built-in cabinets for storage (including wine).
Upstairs, you can find the sleeping area. The bed rests close to floor, making it very easy to get in and out.
There’s even an outdoor fireplace on the deck. Imagine eating dinner outside with your loved one or soaking in the sun during the day. 
The best part? Perhaps this rooftop deck….
Here’s the full floor plan:
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