Someone Has Got To Stop Talking And Start Listening To This Kitten!

There are times when you’re in a crowd and suppose they’re talking about something you know and maybe they’re getting the facts wrong. How does that make you feel? you’d want to try and gain everyone’s attention to tell them exactly what’s true right? Well this little kitten is a little frustrated today and she wants everyone to stop talking so she can make her point clear!

I think this is a play date and the kitten is obviously not impressed. Something might have offended her and she’s trying to expose the culprit, but how? No one’s listening. Just then another cat appears and looks straight into the camera wondering what’s going on, but that tiny kitten? She’s still whining!

Take a look at this hilarious video below!

This kitten is very talkative, that’s for sure! Someone listen to her please! Don’t forget to share this post with your friends!

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