Soldier Hugs His Daughter After A 3-Year-Absence. Then His Wife Reveals Her Secret…

Sometimes, it seems like there’s nothing more moving than seeing a soldier come home and greet their family after a long absence. And after three years abroad (with the exception of a short holiday around Christmas), Joshua Withers finally came back home to his wife and two daughters.

Unbeknownst to six-year-old Bianca, her dad was going to surprise her at her elementary school. And just watching the touching moment when Joshua walks into the gymnasium, and his daughter runs into his arms, had me in tears. As far as father-daughter reunions go, this is definitely one of the more moving displays of emotion and affection I have seen yet!

But it’s not just Bianca who is getting a special surprise, but her dad as well. Prior to coming home, his wife, Alicia, told him that he had a meeting with their daughter’s teacher, and that he had to wear his uniform.

Joshua didn’t catch on until after he arrived. The very specific request was in preparation of a special homecoming, organized by the school! The soldier, who will spend at least the next three years at home with his family, was greeted and thanked by various students and staff of his daughter’s school.

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