Single Mom Is Homeless. When Her Boss Sits Her Down And Tells Her THIS, She Loses It

Undercover Boss Surprises Employee With Life-Changing Gift

On an episode of Undercover Boss, an employee at Modell’s Sporting Goods becomes the recipient of a large check for all of her hard work and positive attitude. Watch as the CEO of the company surprises her with the news, making it the best day EVER!

Angel is a single mother of three and a longtime employee at Modell’s. One day, she is given a trainee to show around the store. However, she is unaware that the man is really CEO Mitchell Modell, who is going undercover at his own company to find out how operations run from an employee and customer standpoint. As he follows Angel, he is able to see what an excellent worker she is. He then discovers that Angel sadly lives in a shelter with her children.

It is finally time for Mitchell to reveal himself to Angel, who is beyond surprised. He begins by complimenting his associate on her work ethics, before telling her that she is being promoted to assistant manager. The single mother is shocked by the news, shaking in her seat. When he explains that it will be a $14,000 raise – she jumps and screams, hugging Mitchell. But it’s not over yet… He tells Angel that he is also giving her a $250,000 check to help her with her living situation. She falls to the floor (literally) in amazement. It is the most thoughtful and life-changing gift she ever could have received!


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