She’s Too Afraid To Walk Down The Stairs Until Her Tiny Dog Brother Shows Up

For any individual who feels that puppies don’t have remarkable and special personalities, you might need to watch a video featuring a beautiful little golden Labrador named Bronte!

Bronte might look like a normal dog, however it turns out she’s totally terrified of the stairs. When you consider it however, you can’t pass judgment on her too harshly. Imagine trying to walk down stairs while walking on your hands, it probably is kind of scary!

Her human is trying his best to give her the confidence she needs to get down those pesky stairs, but she keeps chickening out at the last possible second.

It should also be noted that her human wants to actually teach his scaredy dog to walk down the stairs herself. While he could easily walk up and help her down the stairs, it’s always important to teach someone to figure out a solution on their own!

However, while it would have been great if she’d figured out the stairs on her own, Bronte ended up cheating by the very end. Her little brother Pippy showed up and showed her how to properly walk again. Sometimes it really pays to have a good friend looking out for you!

Bronte sure is perfect, even if she’s afraid of stairs. We still think she’s one of the cutest puppies we’ve ever seen!

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Source: Littlethings

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