Shelter Takes Dogs Out For ‘Puppuccinos’ To Help Them Get Adopted

Imagine living in a shelter for a minute. You live in a cage. Yes, a few people come and feed you and take you outside (possibly they pause for a minute to show you adore) – however a majorpart of your day you simply sit alone and hold up. Sit tight for somebody to notice you and take you home. For quite a while, you hold up. It can be depressing and exhausting.

In April, the Kitsap Humane Society in Washington began the Puppuccino Pals program! Once per week, on Tuesdays, volunteer Molly Clark takes one of the dogs from the shelter to a neighborhood Starbucks for a yummy Puppuccino (a little container loaded with whipped cream.)


So, not only does the dog get to go on a field trip that includes a ride in the car – but they also get a treat! Starbucks posts a sign that tells customers about the dog of the week, hoping that someone might decide to adopt!


The program officially began in April, but Clark has been doing this for some time!


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