Shelter Puts Rescue Dogs In A Photo Booth To Get Them Adopted. The Results Speak For Themselves

It’s a cruel statistic, however it’s a statistic we as a whole need to listen. More than 3.9 million dogs will end up in animal shelters over the United States each year. 3.9 million. What’s even more tragic is that around a third of those dogs will be euthanized because there isn’t enough dog owners out there willing to adopt these dogs.

There’s hope, but. Associations everywhere throughout the nation are considering of creative ways to shed light on this problem to the public. One of these associations, The Human Society of Utah, chose to take photographs of safe house puppies keeping in mind the end goal to showcase their loving personality.

It’s the organization’s hope that these photos will show potential dog owners that it’s better to adopt a shelter dog in need rather than buy. What all these dogs need is love.

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