Shelter Kitten Gives Her Sister the Sweetest Hug After She was Away for a Few Minutes (with updates)

At the point when a ginger cat came back to her kennel after being away for just a few minutes, her sister gave her the sweetest and most lovable embrace that will melt even the hardest heart.

These two lovely sister felines are absolutely inseparable. When they went to the shelter, the staff of the Cumberland County animal shelter in Fayetteville, North Carolina knew immediately that they must be received together. “I have never seen two soo sweet together in individual before!” Susanne Butler composed through Facebook.

She’s a 5 month old ginger and white tabby girl, a bit shy and has a kink in her tail.


She’s the protective sister. Very tiny but purrs like a motor.


“You have been out for a few minutes. I have been all by myself. Don’t go without me.”


Watch the full video:

We contacted the shelter and they said the sister kittens were taken in by a rescue group “to keep most likely in a foster home until vetted and ready to be placed up for adoption.”


Both kitties went to foster care at the Katies Furever Furbabies Sanctuary in North Carolina.



The sisters found their forever home together! Happy and loved!


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Source: Lovemeow

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