She Took The Covers Off The Light Switches And Did THIS! Now Everyone’s Asking Where She Got Them!

It only took one thing to change the light switches in her house from boring to beautiful!

This is the smallest update you could do in your house, but you can literally make it happen in every single room for so cheap.

All you need to boost the look in any room of your house is look to the little light switches!

The switch to the lamp in your bedroom seems like such an insignificant amount of space. You’re probably wondering to yourself, how can you change something so small?

The answer to that is to make it bigger! Well, only a sort of.

When you think about it, you probably look at the switches in your house multiple times a day, turning them on and off.

It might be worth doing this quick fix to spruce them up a bit!

All you need to get to update the wall switches is picture frames!

Dana from the blog, Me, Myself & DIY shared the idea, and it turns out looking great!

She started by removing all of the switch plates, which is easy to do with the right screwdriver.


Then, it was time for Dana to search the thrift shops and stores to find the perfect picture frames that would fit the size and shape of the covers.

“This is the hard part,” Dana wrote on her blog post about the project. “Finding frames that fit what you want to do.”

She suggested taking the plates with you while you’re shopping to make sure whichever frames you use end up working.

Dana landed on three differently designed frames, all of which are adorable. And, she had the perfect plan to make them all uniform in her home.


Once she had brought all the frames home, she glued each plate to the back of its corresponding frame using Krazy Glue.


The last step was to spray paint the newly decorated light switches a solid white!


This makes it look like the pictures frames have been a part of the switch plate the entire time!


After finishing the paint job with a clear glossy protective coat (for all those greasy fingers), Dana screwed the covers back onto the walls!


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