She Nervously Hands Her Doctor A Note That She Has THIS Inside Of Her. What He Pulls From Her? YIKES

Human trafficking, though uncomfortable to talk about, is still a strong a prevalent force in our community.  Victims often times do not know how to handle the fact that they are being trafficked, and sometimes risk their lives.

A disturbing discovery has recently been made concerning a device that was found inside of a victim of human trafficking, and what’s worse is they were being seen by medical professionals while the whole thing was happening.

One woman came into the doctor’s office one day with a piece of paper with a note written on it saying, “I have a tracker in me”.

At first, the 28 year old doctor was skeptical and rolled his eyes, thinking the woman was under the influence or crazy, however after seeing her stitches, he sent her directly to the X-Ray room, and surely enough these two small masses appeared on the screen:


The two items were removed, and were found to be trackers indeed.  The device they found is commonly used to track dogs or other animals.  The woman was a victim to human trafficking in the modern day.  her boyfriend sold her body for sex.

The incident was actually part of an ongoing investigation into human trafficking that was recently happening in the area.


The woman was being seen while she was being trafficked, which does also raise some questions, however the most important lesson to take away is that human trafficking is still strong and prevalent today.


If you suspect anybody is in an abusive relationship or might be in a similar situation, make sure to speak up.  A simple question may save somebody’s life.

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