She Calls The School Janitor For “Help” – What He Finds Puts Him Instantly In Tears

Nashville Elementary Surprise Janitor With Love And Money Gift

Mr. Patton was called for what he thinks is a spill in the gym. Instead the student body and teachers at this school plan a surprise that put him in tears. He immediately responds to the call brining his mop expecting another spill, which certainly he must clean up many per week. But this time the gym is full of students and teachers all ready to yell “surprise” as he walks in the door.

He immediately understands and is overwhelmed at the love and support of the students and teachers alike. What may seem like an unnoticeable job certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed at this school as this janitor has made an impact on these students with more than just his cleaning. His kind words and happy attitude are something that will stick with them the rest of their lives.


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