Senior Rescue Cat Spends All Time With His Brand-New Baby Sister

Wisdom comes with age, and that goes for cats also. Klaus, an older cat who was at one time a stray, has been through the struggle of not having a home. Presently, he is as loyal as can be to the family that took him in and gave him another home and another opportunity at life.

Like a proud guardian, Klaus has respected the most current expansion to the family — a 1-month-old child young lady named Fern, whom he vows to protect.

Stoic yet gentle, Klaus seems like he’s the king of the castle as he lies beside this little precious cherub who is peacefully sleeping.

Wrapped in a cuddly, plush yellow blanket, baby Fern couldn’t be more at peace and at ease with Klaus by her side. Klaus is just so calm and gentle with her. Can’t you just hear him purring?

At first, Klaus’ beautiful green eyes are open, but then they slowly close, he drifts off, and naps along with baby Fern. It’s times like these that you really appreciate the value that a stray cat can bring to your family and your home.

From feline friskiness to feline friendliness, we love when cat lovers capture these tender moments between cat and baby. We also love seeing their comical sides, like when a cat and baby are dressed up like sharks in honor of Shark Week!

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Source: Littlethings

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