She Rolls A Towel Behind Her Knee. Her Next Step Solved Her Knee Pain For GOOD

More people than ever are suffering from knee pain in the United States – but instead of popping harmful pain pills or paying for expensive surgery, there’s an easy stretch to help get your knees feeling like new again! All you need is a hand towel and a comfy chair or couch!


Fold the hand towel in half (hot dog style) and wedge it in between your calf and thigh, in the spot just under your knee. Then bend and raise your leg, pulling it up onto the couch or chair like you see in the video below. Once your leg is on the chair, contract your leg muscles until you feel the space by your knee stretching.


Even people with totally healthy knees can try this stretch to keep everything nice and limber. It may seem too good to be true, but not all health secrets need to be super complicated or costly! Doing this once or twice a day can bring your knees back to their former glory.


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