They Reunited A Worried Mom With Her Babies. Now Watch Her Reaction… AWW

You’re going to love this beautiful family.

Asha Attie is a small Shih Tzu that was left for dead in the streets of Los Angeles while she was in labor. Luckily a Los Angeles shelter picked her up. She had up to that point lived a life of neglected; her was infested with fleas and matted. Because of her severe matting, she was unable to nurse her puppies once they were born, significantly hurting their chances of survival.

The Bill Foundation, however, decided that they couldn’t stand around and watch. They stepped in and brought Asha Attie from the shelter to the vet. It took over an hour to shave her, but it was just in time for her to start nourishing her babies. When Asha Attie is able to see her puppies again… well you’re going to have to see the beautiful reunion for your self!

We at Shareably are just so happy that Asha Attie and her family are healthy and happy now. Thank you to everyone at the Bill Foundation! :)

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